For effective and entertaining activities for children, check out APEX Karaté Dojo’s 2022 day camp!

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Are you looking for a 2022 day camp in Gatineau?

APEX Karaté Dojo offers exclusive activities in Gatineau

You’re in Gatineau and are looking for a day camp for your child who is between ages 5 and 12? We invite you to come meet us at APEX Karaté Dojo!

It’s not always obvious to find ways to occupy children during the vacation season and it can be difficult as a parent to find the right people to take care of them during the day. For that reason, we advise you to help them utilize their free time by signing them up for a high quality day camp where activities will be held in an environment that will allow them to socialize, be active and learn in many different ways. Finding themselves in a day camp will allow the child to find himself in a social structure, make new friends, and spend good days without being bored.

At [into type="company_name"], we offer several services and activities that will accommodate not only the parents but the children as well. In fact, they will take part in physical activities such as Karate, which will help them to develop values such as discipline or self control, and altogether, to recognize the importance of physical activity and develop good habits. However, our activities are diverse and are not only held at the dojo, since we also plan walks in the park, visits to the library etc, on top of the weekly outings we schedule.

We also offer a day care service which allows the parents to either drop their children earlier or pick them up after-hours, all this, with the main goal to accommodate you. Of course, certain conditions need to be met, so we invite you to come meet us and consult our prices by clicking here.


APEX Karate Dojo - CrossTraining
867 St. René Blvd. West

From April to June 2024

Registration for our 2024 day camp is now open!!!
We are proud to be back for our second year to provide services to families in need of a day camp this year.

  1. Compliance with segregation guidelines when this applies;
  2. The application of hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette;
  3. Promote physical distance measures;
  4. Disinfect and clean surfaces and commonly used objects.

The price is $180 per week including taxes.
We accept a maximum of 20 children per week to meet public health ratios.
For the week to remain open, a minimum of 5 children are needed

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Weekly activities

June 25th to 28th 2019

Museum of Nature

July 2nd to 5th 2019

Water park Mont-Cascades

July 8th to 12th 2019

Omega parc

July 15th to 19th 2019

Cosmic Adventure

July 22nd to 26th 2019


July 29th to August 2nd 2019

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

August 5th to 9th 2019

Water Park Mont-Cascades

August 12th to 16th 2019

Canada science and technology museum

August 19th to 23rd 2019

Coscmic Adventure

August 26th to 30th 2019